martes, 26 de noviembre de 2013

The IAEA is pleased to announce the publication of:

Systems for digital industrial radiology are currently quite expensive and, therefore, often unaffordable for most of the institutes and non-destructive testing groups in developing Member States. This publication provides guidance on the development of such systems at a relatively lower cost. The aims are to facilitate the acquisition of state of the art digital technology, which has tremendous potential for enhancing the speed as well as the quality of radiographic inspection, in the long run ensuring the quality of industrial equipment and components.
STI/PUB/1561; 89 pp.; 69 figs; 2013; ISBN 978-92-0-129310-7, English, 40.00 Euro

Electronic version can be found:


A transportable nuclear power plant (TNPP) is a factory-manufactured, movable nuclear power plant, which when fuelled is capable of producing final energy products such as electricity and heat. Transportable nuclear power plants are not designed to operate during transportation. This publication highlights the potential benefits of TNPPs, describes the legal and institutional issues for their deployment in countries other than the country of origin, reveals challenges that might be faced in their deployment, and outlines pathways for resolution of the identified issues and challenges in the short and long terms. It is addressed to senior legal, regulatory and technical officers in Member States planning to embark on a nuclear power programme or to expand an existing one by considering the introduction of a TNPP.
STI/PUB/1624; 95 pp.; 6 figs; 2013; ISBN 978-92-0-144710-4, English, 33.00 Euro

Electronic version can be found:

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